Trident Difference

to Business Suit

Trident Group is different from other veteran placement firms for several reasons. First and foremost, Trident only places candidates in their primary choice of geographic location and in a role and industry that the candidate desires. This also benefits employers as all Trident placements arrive in a city and environment where they are genuinely satisfied and motivated.

Because of Trident’s policy of meeting a candidate’s desire for location and role our firm does not require any type of exclusivity agreement, which again differs from many other firms in the industry. We encourage candidates to look at any and all options to find the employment situation that is best for them. Trident Group is confident that it offers candidates only the best opportunities available in the private sector and believes strongly that requiring candidates to sign exclusivity agreements is neither in the best interest of the candidate or our firm.

All Trident Group account managers and recruiters are former officers that have had follow-on experience in the private sector. We believe this gives us a distinct advantage and unique perspective when looking for the perfect match between candidate and employer as our representatives can directly relate to both transitioning officers and corporate hiring managers.

Lastly, Trident is not solely a junior military officer (JMO) placement firm. We also work with officers who are transitioning from field grade or executive levels and candidates with graduate and advanced degrees. Many of our partners are looking for senior decision makers and strategists with multiple decades of military leadership experience.