Who is Trident Group?

Trident Group was founded by graduates of the United States Naval Academy who served in the U.S. Navy and had subsequent private sector experience in both domestic and international corporations. Trident Group’s account and relationship managers are also former officers and many served in officer recruiting roles for the military in major U.S. cities prior to joining the private sector and the firm. This combination of military background, HR experience, and time working in industry is a hallmark of Trident. It is fundamental to who we are and what we do.

Why was Trident Group formed?

Several members of Trident Group participated in the typical JMO recruitment and placement process upon first transitioning out of the military and noticed something was missing. Many common trends in the industry involve large and impersonal career fairs that leave many employers and candidates exhausted and disappointed. A typical practice in the industry also involves having candidates sign exclusivity agreements binding them to a particular firm which limits opportunity on all sides. Further, a standard practice of guaranteeing candidate employment but offering only undesirable locations and roles tends toward job dissatisfaction and lower retention rates. Trident engages in none of these practices. Everything we do from interviews to events is boutique, customized, and elite.

Where are Trident Group representatives located?

The firm has representatives located in NYC, Washington DC, and San Diego.

What type of candidates does Trident Group place?

The prototypical Trident candidate is a transitioning officer with a combination of proven military leadership experience and an excellent educational background and academic record. They are self-starters, natural leaders, analytical thinkers, and thrive in time critical and high pressure environments. Trident works with a wide range of veterans interested in opportunities in all sectors of industry and finance, but the qualities listed above are the distinguishing features of Trident placements.

What type of employers are Trident Group’s partners?

Trident’s partners are leaders in their respective fields and are among the most highly respected names in business. Our partners represent all major sectors of industry to include finance, engineering, energy, technology, media, and more.

Who is Trident Group’s advisory board and what is their function?

Trident’s advisory board consists of individuals who have reached the highest levels of military leadership, corporate governance, and human resources. The board’s knowledge, experience, and guidance is of immeasurable value to Trident and assists our firm in making decisions regarding future partnerships and strategic direction.

Who are Trident Group’s media partners?

Trident’s media partners are likeminded organizations with similar goals in supporting military personnel and veterans of the armed forces. We work with our media partners to disseminate information that is useful to veterans and active duty military who will eventually be making a transition to civilian life and a civilian career.

How do I get invited to one of Trident Group’s events?

Trident events are tailored to the needs of employers and the desires of candidates. Our events are invitation only as we match the correct hiring managers with a small group of candidates qualified for specific positions. This eliminates much of the guesswork by both sides that accompanies larger career fairs and makes for a much more pleasant experience for all involved. When sending your resume/CV to a Trident representative mention you are interested in attending one of our events. If the situation arises in which an employer is seeking a candidate that matches your profile we will notify you with an invitation and details for the event.